Welcome to The Urban Manor Housing Society

Shelter and Support for Men-in-need

Welcome to The Urban Manor

Urban Manor YEG is a harm reduction initiative to provide safe, stable housing for chronically hard-to-house men.

Supports Provided by The Urban Manor Housing Society

Urban Manor provides a safe home for our Edmonton residents, including a clean bed and clothing.

We provide laundry service, meals, access to healthcare, and more.

The Urban Manor has a managed alcohol program which means we aren’t entirely a dry facility, however we do have mandatory rules to follow regarding drinking beer or using cannabis. And absolutely no drugs.


Our Mission

To provide shelter and housing for men in need for whom there is no other facility immediately available or for whom there is no appropriate facility.

Urban Manor is not:

  • A rehabilitation facility
  • A medical facility
  • A nursing home
  • A palliative care facility

We provide a safe, warm home for Edmonton’s most vulnerable men

Where can you go when you are homeless in Edmonton? The Urban Manor is a chance to get back on your feet. Many of our residents go on to live healthy, productive lives in their own homes.

Need Our Help?

Please get in touch. We are located downtown Edmonton and can be reached by phone at (780) 425-5901

The Urban Manor is committed to matching our services to the needs of each individual so every resident has the opportunity for housing success with us.

Urban Manor Housing Society Home

We need your help!

Your generous donations allow us to continue our activities, food programs and clothing purchases. 

Many of our residents come to us with no belongings after being homeless.  Your generosity helps us to get these men the essentials they need to get back on their feet.