Residents of Urban Manor

Residents of Edmonton’s Urban Manor Housing Society

We provide a home, with a sense of community, family, and belonging.

The Urban Manor helps our Edmonton residents with:

  • Management of residents under the influence of alcohol and/or substances
  • Acceptance of addictions and mental health issues
  • A supportive living environment that provides stability
  • Assistance for residents in accessing community resources
  • Around the clock staffing
  • Long-term room and board
  • Three meals and snacks a day
  • A sense of community, family, and belonging
  • A HOME

Fees are based upon need. We can help with the application for Government supports and programs. We also offer volunteer programs. Violence and verbal abuse is unacceptable.

A Typical Urban Manor Resident:

  • Is dealing with multiple addictions and/or mental health issues
  • Lacks positive family support
  • Has been evicted from other facilities
  • Is not able to manage his own life (e.g., money, appointments, accessing appropriate health care)
  • Has a history of institutionalization
  • Is vulnerable to victimization on the street
  • Is otherwise without adequate food and shelter
  • Is referred by agencies, institutions, word of mouth, or himself

Urban Manor is home for many men who would otherwise be homeless. And we are all a family.

Supports Provided by The Urban Manor Housing Society

A safe, clean, and supervised home for our residents

Supervised harm reduction program

Up to 3 meals and 2 snacks every day

Help accessing healthcare (including transport)

Urban Manor provides the following supports for our men:

  1. A safe, clean and supervised home for our residents.
  2. A clean bed and storage area for personal property.
  3. Supervised harm reduction program.
  4. Clean and presentable clothing, jackets and shoes/boots.
  5. Laundry service done by staff for clothing and bedding.
  6. Three hot meals and two snacks every day.
  7. Medications administered and supervised by staff to ensure each resident’s health is assured.
  8. Transportation to and from medical and dental appointments, again, assuring resident health needs are met.
  9. Mental health access, if needed, and provided on-site
  10. Once a week on-site Registered Nurse and Pharmacist to assist residents with health needs.
  11. Help residents navigate the frustrating maze of accessing government supports and programs. (Recovering ID that was lost or stolen; restore AISH or Federal funding; application for medication subsidy etc.)
  12. Support and guidance for residents wishing to return to independent living.

Urban Manor Houses Men Only

We are a Men only facility. We can provide direction to other programs that cater to families or Women in need. 

Urban Manor also does not allow pets to live on site. 

Managed Alcohol Program

Managed Alcohol Program

Urban Manor has a ground breaking Managed Alcohol Program. Residents can check their alcohol or cannabis products and access it to partake in designated areas.

This helps to lower violent acts in and around the shelter and also decreases the rate of imbibing as residents no longer have to finish off their products before entering the shelter.

This program has been mimicked by multiple shelters across Canada to help those with addictions from having to choose between the bottle or a bed.

What is it Like to Live at Urban Manor?

Some of the items we provide are things like toiletries, and clothing if needed.

The rooms are set up in a dormitory style: 2-4 men per room, 2 bathrooms per floor with showers.

We have a laundry area, common kitchen and dining area, and more.

Our staff have a medication room to help disperse medications that are prescribed by doctors and paid for by Alberta Works, AISH, Old-Age Pension.

Residents of Urban Manor in Edmonton

Apply to become (or on behalf of) a Resident

Are you applying to be a resident? Or on behalf of someone who needs assistance? Please fill out our form to apply. The more details you can give, the better prepared we can be.

The Urban Manor Housing Society provides safe affordable housing, meals and community supports.

Choose to succeed with our long term housing that serves men with a history of chronic homelessness.

The Urban Manor is a dorm style facility. Each resident has their own sleeping area well spaced away from other beds and a double locker to store personal possessions.

If you are not receiving any financial support this IS NOT a barrier to being accepted at the Urban Manor.

Space for each resident is limited, therefore we cannot accommodate any furniture, appliances, desk top computers, household items etc. Lockers would accommodate personal items approximately the same size as two large suitcases.

The Urban Manor does not accept pets.

There is no onsite parking for residents.

And absolutely no street drugs.

Thank you for your interest in our Residency Program!