Edmonton Food Bank

Urban manor and Edmonton Food Bank

We are an Agency Partner of Edmonton’s Food Bank with access to their Warehouse for Food to Feed our Residents.

The Edmonton Food Bank has been helping local Edmontonians since 1981. It was originally called the Edmonton Gleaners Association.

Urban Manor Food

We are proud to be a partner of the Edmonton Food Bank and using the food “gleaned” from major food donations to provide healthy meals 3 times a day for our Urban Manor Residents. The Food Bank helps our hard to house men to eat regular meals.


Our Urban Manor assisted living facility, has helped many homeless men in the heart of downtown Edmonton. It is truly a home for them. By providing shelter and housing for local men in need for whom there is no other facility immediately available or for whom there is no other appropriate facility. We are a last stop for many.

As an agency partner of Edmonton’s Food Bank we have access to the warehouses of the Edmonton Food Bank. This helps us to create healthy meals for our residents. Making sure they are fed well. The food that we get from the Food Bank is the reason we can create 3 meals a day. We couldn’t do this without them.

We receive eggs, milk, meat, and more. There isn’t a meal served that doesn’t have food from the Food Bank in it.

Our volunteers get to decide what the menu is based upon what they can get from the Food Bank warehouse each week. 

What you eat effects not only your physical well being but your mental well being as well. 

Thank you Edmonton Food Bank!